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Ciara Connolly

Director of Commercial Recruitment, EXCEL RECRUITMENT

It was really important for EXL to sponsor the Hoor Awards this year as you know we get to support our industry and their goals and celebrate the best of class in the industry.

Jennifer Maher

Director of Hospitality Recruitment, EXCEL RECRUITMENT

An event like this is great for our marketing strategy for next year because it gives us the exposure to people that we wouldn't generally get to meet on a day-to-day basis, just through email. So, it's great to be here.

David Casey

Wellness and Health Promotion Manager, DECARE DENTAL

For De Care to be at this type of event networking as impact ambassadors, it's huge for us because we want to be leading in workplace well-being, helping create happier, healthier lives for workplaces across Ireland. We actually do benefit programmes with dental, vision, and well-being programmes with over 600 organisations across Ireland. So, we're delighted to support such talent and creativity in workplace well-being across Ireland.

Maureen Welsh

Managing Director, DECARE DENTAL

HR people are at the core of absolutely everything that we do. They're critically important uh our talent our talent development and the the role that the HR team plays in recruiting that Talent nurturing that Talent helping to grow that talent and just playing a part in their lives is it's core to our business

Gareth McGrane

Human Resources Director, CHADWICKS GROUP, HR Leader 2023

It's very difficult for an HR department to get recognition internally. So, going to any event like this and putting forward your ideas, your project, and putting yourself out there a little bit out of your comfort zone and getting recognition for it is very important.

Orla McCarron

Vice President Performance & Reward - ICON GLOBAL REWARDS, Most Effective Rewards & Benefit Strategy

We're delighted, we're absolutely over the moon. There's been a huge amount of work to support the integration of our company with the PR acquisition in 2021. So, it's been a phenomenal journey and we're extraordinarily proud of the achievements.

Orla Stack

HR Director, DIGITAL MARKETING INSTITUTE, Best Talent Management Strategy

So well worth it. We've been coming the last couple of years. We won an award last year for our award and recognition, so it's great to be back second-year winners again.

Rachael Quinlan

Head of Employee Experience, CLUNETECH, Best Use of CSR in HR, Best Flexible Working Strategy & Overall Execellence in HR

As well as the awards being competitive and having a great chance to learn from others in the industry, it's also a great night and great craic.

Anne Marie Kennedy

General Manager - HSE Career Hub, Best Public Sector HR Initiative

I think it's great to be recognized in the industry by all the HR professionals. I support in the public sector acknowledgment in the industry in both private and public sectors.


Head of HR, WOODIE's, Most Effective Use of Internal Communications, Best Employer Branding Programme & Most Effective Employee Engagement Strategy

It's great for employer brand profile. It's great for candidates to see that we operate well in the HR space, and it's also great for attracting HR talent

Helen McDowell

Vice President of HR, FIRST DERIVATIVE, Graduate Training Programme of the Year & HR Manager of the Year

Delighted to be nominated. I didn't expect it. Absolutely delighted