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The HR Leadership & Management Awards offers a unique opportunity for you and your team to get national recognition, to network with hundreds of key figures in the HR profession and attract top talent to your organisation. But don't just take our word for it; read some of the thoughts of our past entrants, sponsors and judges below.

​“Tonight’s been great in terms of opportunities to get face-to-face with HR professionals and meet and greet everybody in the industry. It’s a really positive night to celebrate strong HR professionals and teams, and we’re absolutely delighted to be a part of that.”

Louise Keveney, Marketing Lead, Aon


“It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to be able to put DeCare Dental Insurance, our business, in the shop window. All the companies here this evening are innovators and leaders in their sector and striving to achieve peak performance for their employees and workforce and we want to help them achieve that.”

Dr. Ger Gavin, Chief Dental Officer, DeCare Dental Insurance Ireland


“The HR Leadership & Management Awards gather together the best companies in Ireland, and it’s great for us to have our brand in front of these companies. The platform is certainly more relaxed than a trade show and it’s great to be able to socialise with our peers in the industry.”

Eamon Rheinisch, Country Manager, MHR


“There’s a new spirit in HR as you can tell from this evening’s event. We have entrepreneurs in HR, we have people thinking outside of the box in HR, because they need to, as they’re roles are more and more demanding every day. For me it’s about being partners with our HR colleagues and that’s what we’re here to do.”

Patricia Hyland, Director of Sales, Health & Wellbeing, Laya Healthcare


“It’s great from an employer brand point of view to build the brand in the marketplace. But also for our own team internally to realise that what we’re doing for them is classed as best practice in the industry is also very important.”

Aoife Clarke, Lidl Ireland and Lidl Northern Ireland
Most Effective Use of Internal Communications


“Times change, technology changes, but people are basically always the same. They want the same things in life, they want a job that interests them, they want a great manager and they want to work for a company that has a good career progression.”

Helen Tynan, Google
HR Leader 2018

“When they announced us as the winner for the Change Management Programme (Award), there was just absolute elation at the Aer Lingus table. We were up against 10 in the category. Fantastic candidates in there so it was a brilliant result!”

Marc Giles, Aer Lingus
Most Effective Use of Internal Communications & Best Change Management Programme winner in 2017

“The kind of audience that we saw (at the 2017 Awards) were exactly the people that we want to interface with. You have the leaders in HR, finance, CEOs; they are the individuals that we want to influence.”

Joe Creegan, Head of Corporate Life & Pensions, Zurich Corporate Pensions

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