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Best Crisis Management Strategy

Best Crisis Management Strategy

This award recognises how a crisis management strategy was successfully executed by a HR team. Entrants should provide strong evidence of agility during a time of significant and unexpected change leading to a successful outcome for the organisation.

Your entry can relate to any initiatives that extend over the course of the crisis in question. The judges would like to see full adherence to the criteria, freshness of content, and metrics provided that extend over the course of the crisis.

Entry is by a 5 A4 page submission. The judges will award higher marks to entries that provide clear information supported by evidence that pays particular attention to the criteria below.

  • Background: Please provide a brief description of the organisation.

  • Strategy Overview: Describe the main elements of the crisis management strategy.

  • Implementation & Innovation: Demonstrate how the strategy was implemented, communicated to the business, and the processes in place to support the strategy. Describe how scenario planning is featured in the strategy in line with the organisation's business strategy, vision, and mission.

  • Key Challenges: Outline any challenges and how the organisation overcame them.

  • Outcomes & Results: Describe an example (or examples) of how the strategy has been executed over the course of the crisis, including details of how success was measured. Demonstrate how the strategy has benefited the organisation.

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